Over the years, men and young guys all over the city come to visit our barbershop in order to get best barbering services and enjoy a friendly conversation with our talented barbers.

Our motto is “Every man deserves to be pampered”, being guided by it the team of Jenara Barbershop provides clients with stylish, unhurried cuts for a very long time.

We also pay attention to scrupulously clean space, a relaxed vibe and most qualitative products available on the market in order to deliver you the best treatment.

Undeniable success of our barbershop is build on qualitative customer support, experienced barbers passionate to what they are doing and inspired owner, who makes this whole mechanism work properly.

Men hairstyling routine is strongly underestimated nowadays, that is why it is extremely difficult to find good, truly professional grooming services for men. Here at Jenara Barbershop we are aiming to fix this injustice once and for all, working very hard in creating a great experience for every man and boy that walks through the door.


Good barbershop is not only experienced barbers and qualitative care products, but also high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. If you want to succeed in this field, it is important to have inner discipline and develop it in your workers, teaching them to keep everything on its place, because order is a guarantee of well done job.

It is important for us to be sure that every hairstyle is done right, accurate and without any rush. Friendly atmosphere that rules inside of our barbershop contributes to this.

Every barber is an artist in some way and we deal with the best of them. Every worker of Jenara Barbershop has years of experience behind his back what makes him able to find an approach to even the most demanding client. However, there I no limits for perfection, that is why our staff constantly visits different trainings in order to make our services even better for you.

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